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New bending section mesh installed with new wires welded in for CF-H180AL

Gray’s Endoscopy is a one stop shop for your endoscope repairs.  Graydon repairs bending section mesh or even replaces the bending section all together at Gray’s Endoscopy.  The bending section is an essential part of the repair.  It keeps the internal components protected from and also gives the bending section the mobility it needs and stability. Contact me if you think your bending section may be damaged.   (817) 559-7994

.  Follow these tips and it may help prevent future repairs!


  • Crushed by the cart when moving
  • Improper care when handling in the reprocessing phase
  • Patient damage
  • External forces or over articulating the bending section when in procedure.
  • Fluid damage.

Preventative Care:

  • Be sure the patient cannot bite the distal end of the scope.
  • Use of the control locks when in procedure and not forcing the angulation further with over atriculating methods.
  • Keep the scope in a safe position so it cannot be damaged in transit.
  • Keep it stored properly in your cabinet and keep it safe in the reprocessing sink.

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