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About Gray's Endoscopy

About Us

Repairing & Maintaining Endoscopes

Gray’s Endoscopy LLC is a strategic company that has been formed to compete with some of the highest quality OEM manufactures and third party competitors in ordinance to help save customers more money and to provide them with the highest quality repairs in the industry.  We stand behind our repairs and give the best customer service.  With our 35 years of combined experience, we provide both small and large diameter repairs for Diagnostic Clinics for their Endoscopy equipment.

We start with a thorough diagnostics to identify underlying issues and defects and share the information with you so that you make informed decisions. Most facilities wont provide you pictures and documentation of the damages, but we do.  We are transparent and want you to know exactly what we are charging you for.  We are and have built our company on integrity, and we are confident that will bring us success with our customers.

We are technicians with a versatile skills

Graydon Moomaw started off in the industry selling endoscopic accessories and equipment on a wholesale level, growing his previous companies sales revenues by 1.2mil per year.  He started training and working with doctors directly, becoming familiar with the repair contracts and direct sales to the consumer.  After doing sales for 7 years he left his previous company, and decided he would like to become an endoscopic technician.  After training at LASC with Walter Villa and Mark Nimikas, Graydon earned his advanced endoscopic repair certificate.  He then honed his skills in traning with various other techinicians in the industry for both small and large diameter repairs.  He is now considered a master technician. 

He has now completely started his own company and has aquired contracts in both the east and western divisions of the united states.  As a smaller company with less overhead, Graydon is able to provide you with optimal pricing and high standard repairs. He is trusted by many and is very detail oriented.

Schedule a session with us and get a free evaluation of your endoscopes.

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Why Choose Us?

Written Evaluation

We assess your endoscope and share a written evaluation right away.

Expert Technicians

We have a team of expert and trained technicians to work on your project.

Fast Turnaround Time

We repair and fix your endoscopes within a few works, so your work doesn’t stop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my expected turnaround time?
    1.  Repairs can vary depending on the variance and complexity of the repair.  Most Repairs are returned within 5-7 business days.
  • Do you provide a loaner for the repair we are sending?
    1. We do offer loaner services, however this is for contracted clients typically. We will provide a loaner in the case that we need your scope longer than 5-7 days.
  • Do you charge an evaluation fee?
    1. We provide free evaluations for customer that decide on having their scope repaired.  Otherwise, it is only a $25 evaluation fee and the customer would be responsible for the shipping services.
  • How long is my repair warrantied?
    1. We warranty all of our repairs for 12 months guaranteed, unless specified. 
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